Folk dance group Tuurit-Tuurit

Tuurit-Tuurit is folk dance group from Pärnu, Estonia. We perform Estonian folk dances – both traditional and also contemporary ones. We have dances by well-known choreographers as well as by younger generation in our repertoire.

The dance group was established in 2008 but most of the dancers are very experienced and have a long dancing history. We have participated in all the major dance celebrations in Estonia and have visited the festivals abroad – in Finland, Latvia, Russia, USA, Croatia and China. We hope to show that folk dance is attractive, fascinating and an evolving part of the Estonian culture.

Of course, our main goal is to enjoy what we are doing, but delighting and pleasing our audience is a great bonus. Eneli Rüütli and Tiiu Pärnits, our teachers and advisers, with their professional attitude, knowledge and methods, help us to improve ourselves and make our performances unforgettable.

Contact us: info [at] tuurit-tuurit.ee

Let’s make joy together!